The Magic Man's Kids Show entertains children of any age.
Music, comedy, and just plain fun are blended into a magical experience that each guest will long remember.

When Bill Packard - The Magic Man appears in his white tuxedo and top hat, everyone knows they're in for a treat. Your group is entertained by magical effects, audience participation, sight gags, and surprises. Each show features Bill's popular Friendship Rings routine, and the production of a live rabbit! For smaller groups (fewer than 20), the Magic Man offers a FREE BONUS. After petting the rabbit, each of your guests receives a balloon sculpture of his or her choice. This is a show in itself, as Bill can twist hundreds of different models (Name any animal in the world!), quickly, accurately, and in an entertaining manner. For larger groups (20-50 guests), Bill may set up his sound system, depending on the environment. Balloon twisting is offered as an add-on, explained below. For more than 50 people (including parents), Bill provides a wireless sound system, background curtain, and some bigger props, creating a more theatrical event. This larger show features the productions of a live rabbit and dove, the levitation of a child volunteer, and a Houdini-style straitjacket escape. Strolling entertainment is also available on an hourly basis. Bill, The Magic Man, mingles with your guests, entertaining with items from his pockets (cards, coins, balls, rubber bands, etc.), or giving away his popular balloon sculptures. The combination show and stroll is very popular, with reduced rates for the package deal. In addition, Magic Man Entertainment can arrange for other variety artists, such as face-painters, caricature artists, jugglers, mimes, etc. Bill Packard is an experienced, full-time, professional family entertainer with a reputation for creating many happy memories. Your guests will be amused and amazed by this fun-loving personality, affectionately known as The Magic Man!